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GPS sketch

GPS Testing 2012

I have been getting calls from around Edmonton area about GPS interruptions so I have searched and here is GPS testing schedule for 2012:


12 SEP 2012 – 20 SEP 2012
13 Sep 12 0200Z – 0600Z
13 Sep 12 1900Z – 2059Z
14 Sep 12 0200Z – 0600Z
14 Sep 12 1900Z – 2300Z
18 Sep 12 1600Z – 0000Z
19 Sep 12 0000Z – 0500Z
19 Sep 12 1600Z – 0000Z
20 Sep 12 0000Z – 0600Z


So if you see sudden dropping of satellites it may be due to these testings.

Business Center - HCE update

Trimble Coordinate System Manager update 12.8.22 for Business Center – HCE

Yet another update from the Trimble’s family of products. You got to love that everything is in one place at least. This one may actually benefit you since they claim to add new or at least update the coordinate systems, zones, datum transformations, ellipsoids and geoid’s.


Hit the update button.

Trimble Office Synchronizer

Trimble Office Synchronizer (Version 1.62.0)

Hit the update button on your Business Center – HCE because there is a new update for Trimble Office Synchronizer.

The minor update includes:

“When synchronizing files from an SCS900 device using TCC, geoid files (.ggf) on your computer are no longer deleted.”



error when exporting the geoid

The Coordinate system could not be exported from Business Center – HCE

The coordinate system could not be exported. Reduce the extents and try again.
This message shows up when you are trying to export machine files from Business Center – HCE. The reason for this is that the extents of the site are to big. This could happen due to the Geoid data used in your calibration and the machine software is older than 11.2. The Geoid support was introduced in 11.2 as you can see on the bottom of the export window if you choose anything older than 11.2 the “Enable support for embedded geoid subgrid” is greyed out. The work around is to use clipping boundary. I have not tried this myself so let me know.

Geoid Model HT2_0

Geoid model HT2_0

Here is the Geoid model HT2_0.

Click on the link to download:HT2_0.ggf

And here is how to add it into your Coordinate System Manager in Business Center – HCE

Geoid GSD95

Geoid model GSD95

Here is the Geoid model GSD95.

Click on the link to download: GSD95.ggf

And here is how to add it into your Coordinate System Manager in Business Center – HCE