Trimble Business Center v2023.11 update

🚀 Exciting Update: TBC 2023.11 Patch Release! 🚀

We’re thrilled to announce the latest patch for TBC, packed with crucial bug fixes and enhancements that promise to elevate your experience. Here’s what’s new:

🔧 Bug Fixes:

Mobile Mapping Enhancements:

➡️ Ensured project saving even after unexpected app closures during scan generation.

➡️ Improved target picking robustness for mission registrations.

➡️ Corrected PFIX value application issues from version 2023.10.

➡️ Resolved coordinate offsets in exported LAS files.

➡️ Enhanced support for larger target numbers and shorter runs in mission registrations.

General Improvements:

➡️ Fixed unexpected results in creating smooth curve linestrings.

➡️ Optimized the download speed for Work Orders from WorksManager.

➡️ Rectified total volume calculations in the Earthworks Summary report.

➡️ Improved import naming conventions for stations requiring uppercase names.

➡️ Enhanced point cloud scan registration for non-TZF format scans.

➡️ Resolved errors in exporting Trimble SX station panoramas.

🌍 Coordinate System Database Updates:

Latest version installation with major enhancements:

➡️ Modernized support for the Philippines and Tanzania (with TAREF11 and EGM2008).

➡️ Updated US and Japanese State Plane Zone Extents.

➡️ New geoids for Romania, Bucharest, Corsica, and Denmark.

➡️ Support for Guatemala and Wisconsin Transverse Mercator.

➡️ Introduction of ITRF2020 plate motion model.

This patch not only addresses key issues but also brings state-of-the-art improvements to your workflow. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance TBC for your needs.


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