Con’s of the monitoring module for TBC

I have been dealing with the monitoring module for over a month. I find this module very helpful but there are few CON’s which I want to touch on.

What are the CON’s of Monitoring Module for Trimble Business Center?

First disadvantage is that the monitoring module can not be used offline. What that means is that if you are on a remote site you wont be able to utilize this addon. Second disadvantage is that you will require a Trimble Connect subscription to take advantage of more than one project. This means you will have to pay more. [this is is where Trimble should step up since between paying for the module and paying for warranty upkeep this I believe should be included.]

What is Trimble Connect ?

Trimble Connect is Trimble’s take on cloud collaboration platform. It is intended to connect the right people to the right constructible data. People in your project are able to review the designs and comment on them. Your dat a is securely shared within the team assigned to your project. It can be useful as a collaboration platform of your project, from start to finish.

Is Trimble Connect a subscription ?

A big YES, since Trimble Connect is a cloud platform it is a subscription based. There are 3 basic options of this service. Free is called Personal, next one is Business which will cost you 100 USD a year and last one is Business Premium which will cost you 250 USD a year. Read on to see which featured you are getting with each subscription.

What are the differences between the subscriptions?

As I have mentioned before there are three subscriptions available. Here are the comparisons between them.

Pesonal which is free you will get 10GB of data and 1 Project, 5 collaborators and you are able to look at workflow extensions in read only

Business will cost you 100 USD a year and you will get unlimited data, unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators, file metadata, workflow extensions read only.

Business Premium will cost you 250 USD a year and you get get unlimited data, unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators, file metadata, workflow extensions full access with access to all other extensions.

What errors you get in Monitoring Module for TBC ?

Well so far I have came across two errors. Once is related to the connectivity and the other is related to Trimble Connect subscription.

This is the error you get when you try to connect to the server without internet connection.

This the error you get when trying to create a second project on the free Personal subscription for Trimble Connect.

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