Trimble Business Center v 5.40.1

TBC 5.40.1

So as Trimble Business Center enthusiasts I have seen that there is an new patch available.

What is new in this Trimble Business Center v5.40.1 patch ?

All the information provided is in the Read Me file which you can pull up after the install. So here it is, 5.40.1 patch is intended to fix following issues:

  • mobile mapping (when runing a registration on a run for scan data was missing or deleted caused TBC to crash, the register and run command took a wrong trajectory, the register a run command and batch register run to run command might not have registered a run for which the day was rolled over
  • VAL geometry was in the wrong place in Sheet View
  • importing RXL files caused error
  • text white out was ignored when dynaview boundary was crossed
  • the wrong metric depth units was displayed in the header of the Earthwork Summary Report
  • running New 3D Drive View command caused error
  • clicking second-column header in the Filter Station Scan Points command could cause an error
  • scroll bar foe WorksManager could disappear when select project or organization
  • running the Create Quick Profile command to generate a cross-section could cause an error.
  • exporting E57 structured files could fail
  • pipes could display incorrectly in 3D view
  • Bearing Distance command included unnecessary extra step
  • term “Monitoring” in labels in miss-translated in Chinese
  • Plotboxes did not print even with the “Visible on Paper ” option set to “true”
  • error could occur when importing SX10 data
  • when a grip was moved to an end point, it something didn’t snap as it should
  • some projects created earlier versions could not be opened

What is Trimble Business Center ?

Trimble Business Center is a Trimble office CAD software which enables users to process GNSS and other survey data. It enables the link between field and office data processing. You will be able to create CAD data for customers. Trimble Business Center is a modular software which includes modules from surface modeling, to field data processing, to site modeling, takeoffs, underground modeling, scan data processing. This versatile field to office software can be the right addition to your company needs.

Where to purchase Trimble Business Center?

This is quite simple, contact your local Sitech. Here is the link to find one in your area CLICK HEREOpens in a new tab.. Before you call research which module or modules are right for you. You can start simple with field data or go with full blown license. Do not forget that if you install Business Center without a license there still is a limited functionality available.

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